About Us

The Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections is a cross-partisan national program helping to restore voters’ confidence in our democratic republic. It isled by a national steering committee:  

Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Jason Carter

Carter Center Board of Trustees, Chair

Private Attorney

Mike Ford

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation Board of Trustees, Member

Retired Wake Forest University Administrator

Steering Committee Members

Danielle Allen

Harvard University Professor of Political Philosophy, Public Policy, and Ethics

Founder and President of Partners in Democracy.  

Sam Donaldson

Retired ABC News Anchor and Reporter

Former White House Correspondent. 

Michael Hayden

Retired Air Force four-star general

Former Director of the National Security Agency

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  

Margaret Hoover

Conservative Political commentator

Political Strategist

Media Personality


Nick Troiano

Founding Executive Director of Unite America,


The Candidate Principles is supported by over 70 organizations across the nation. In 2023, the program merged with the Safe and Secure Elections Pledge, a program of the nonpartisan Team Democracy. The two programs share the goal creating positive norms for those leading our democracy. The two programs now operate jointly under the Candidate Principles.

Spread the Word

Lend your voice to the Candidate Principles. Speak out on behalf of fair, safe, and secure elections and share your support for the Candidate Principles with your family and social network. Together, we can help restore public trust in our democratic process.