Support the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections

Anyone Can Support the Candidate Principles

By endorsing the Candidate Principles, you're demonstrating your support for electoral processes that protect the freedoms, liberties, and opportunities assured by our democratic institutions.

Honest Process

Civil Campaign

Secure Voting

Responsible Oversight

Trusted Outcomes

Candidates who agree to the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections uphold five core doctrines of democratic elections: integrity, nonviolence, security, oversight, and the peaceful transfer of power. Organizations and individuals can lend their names to these principles, telling candidates to lead by example to help restore trust in elections.

Support the Candidate Principles

Sign the Candidate Principles and show your support for fair, safe, and secure elections. Together, we can help restore American confidence in our democratic system.

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Lend your voice to the Candidate Principles. Speak out on behalf of fair, safe, and secure elections and share your support for the Candidate Principles with your family and social network. Together, we can help restore public trust in our democratic process.